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Open Thread II: Cincinnati Bengals @ Green Bay Packers

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If you wanted a more heart-attack prone type of first half by the Cincinnati Bengals, this was it. The Bengals committed penalties, allowed sacks; they shot themselves in the foot so many times that it seemed like the Bengals were in the scopes of a Jack Bauer interrogation. Cincinnati committed 10 penalties for 85 yards lost. Palmer was sacked twice and Palmer's two interceptions led to 14 Green Bay points.

Still, with all the mistakes nearly costing the Bengals, Cincinnati ended the first half tied at 21. Notes so far.

  • Cedric Benson recorded 78 yards rushing on 13 carries.
  • Even though Carson Palmer's mistakes led to 14 points for the Packers, Palmer is responsible for all three touchdowns by the Bengals -- a touchdowns to Laveranues Coles and Chris Henry, as well as a quarterback sneak. Palmer has completed 10 of 14 passes for 127 yards passing. The mistakes are big, but without the mistakes and Palmer would be having a very good day.
  • The Bengals converted a third-and-34 on a pass to Coats, who fumbled the football. The football went past the first down marker and Laveranues Coles recovered it. On that drive, Palmer hit Chad Ochocinco on a 44-yard flea flicker. The Bengals would score later on the drive.
  • Chris Crocker has been called for two pass interference calls and hasn't been the consistent defensive back that we've known him to be. Antwan Odom and Rey Maualuga have one sack each.
  • Even though Palmer's two interceptions were pretty bad, my goat of the first half has to be handed out to offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth. He's allowed two sacks -- the second he whiffed the defensive player, forcing Palmer out of the pocket; he slipped trying to escape. Whitworth also has been called for a pair of offensive holdings.