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Open Thread: Bengals beat the Packers 31-24, behind Antwan Odom's five sacks

Let me tell you how this game ended. Shayne Graham converted a 40-yard field goal with two minutes left in the game. The Packers, with 1:51 left in the game and a 10-point deficit, start a drive that would go seven plays and take 1:11 off the clock. On second-and-ten, the Packers elect to attempt a field goal. Crosby makes the 45-yarder and the Packers are only down by a touchdown. With :45 left in the game, the Packers successfully recover an onside attempt.

At this point, every Bengals fan was suddenly reminded of that sickening feeling after last week's unlikely 87-yard touchdown allowed to lose the game in the closing seconds.

After successive incomplete passes, Aaron Rodgers completes a 22-yard pass and then spikes the football to stop the clock. With :16 left in the game at the Cincinnati 35-yard line, Rodgers hits Donald Driver for a 25-yard pass to the Bengals 10-yard line. The Packers sprint to the line of scrimmage and attempt to run one last play. However, the clock expired and the Bengals won the football game. I've never felt so many roller coaster of emotions through two regular season games in my life.

Other things to take note:

  • Antwan Odom recorded five quarterback sacks in the game, tying Eddie Edwards for most in a single game in franchise history. However, they weren't just sacks. They were critical in the situations; like knocking the Packers out of field goal range, or forcing long-situations or forcing a punt.
  • Rey Maualuga recorded four tackles, a sack and two forced fumbles.
  • Cedric Benson rushed for 141 yards on 29 carries.
  • Even though Carson Palmer through two interceptions that led to 14 points for Green Bay, he also threw for three touchdowns and recorded a fourth on a quarterback sneak.
  • Kevin Huber averaged 41.3 yards-per-punt. However, he had several great punts that completely kept the field position battle, at best, neutral -- like when the Bengals were deep in their own territory, Huber knocked the punt out far enough that it wasn't advantageous for the Packers in field position.
  • Quan Cosby returned a punt 60 yards. He finished with an average of 22 yards on six punts.
  • The Bengals defense held Ryan Grant to only 46 yards rushing on 14 carries.
  • Bengals beat the Packers, recording 319 yards total to the Packers 311 yards total.
  • More importantly, the Bengals converted 64% of their third down attempts (9/14)
  • Bengals reached the Red Zone four times, scoring all four times.
  • The Bengals offense dominated the time of possession, with 33:48 in the game.

We'll have more throughout the week. There was a lot that happened, a lot to examine. However, the stage is yours. Bengals WON! How does it feel?