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Sometimes as writers we see phantoms in the clouds and call upon the Jedi to smite thee

Sometimes, as writers, we tend to come up with topics that many people aren't interested in. Sometimes, as writers, we pick up on something that's really not there. Case in point, Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner brought up the subject that Ed Hochuli, the head official in the Bengals win over the Packers Sunday, blew another call. Ed Hochuli said:

"The game was over before the ball was snapped. There was also a false start on the last play. If the ball had been snapped, there was a false start on the last play which would require a 10-second run-off. So, in either case, the game was over."

Shutdown Corner writes:

Hochuli got the second part right. There was a definite false start on the Packers (players must be set for at least one second and few of the players on the line were set at all) and the run-off associated with the penalty would have ended the game. But he and the other officials were wrong about Green Bay getting the snap off in time.

Chris Chase has a nice screen print of the television (whatever the hell you call that) with Aaron Rodgers dropping back with a second left in the game. Yes, this is the same Chris Chase that wrote after it was announced that the Bengals would appear on Hard Knocks:

At some point, you'd think the Cincinnati Bengals would try to distance itself from the lawless, freewheeling image the team has developed over the past decade. Dozens of arrests, team discord and front-office incompetence has made Cincy the butt of many a joke in NFL circles. (Q: Two Cincinnati Bengals are in a car. Who's driving? A: The cop.) But the Bengals seem to be going in the exact opposite direction. First, they draft a veritable who's-who of character problems last weekend. Now comes reports that the Bengals may invite HBO to training camp for the latest version of the network's training camp reality series "Hard Knocks". Great idea, guys. That'd be like owning a circus and then inviting another circus to set up inside the tent.

Chase concluded his post about Hochuli, saying that "with the false start penalty, it's irrelevant." Right. Devoting an entire post bringing up something that's totally pointless about a single individual? Cincy Jungle would absolutely do nothing like that.