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Predictions are fun when they're accurate; Bengals' green giant Dennis Roland gets snaps at Tight End

I'll make one prediction. If the Bengals beat the Steelers this week at home, and then hit the road and beat divisional rivals, the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, the Bengals won't just be leading the division, they'll sell Paul Brown Stadium out the rest of the season.

Bob Bratkowski likes giving Dennis Roland snaps as a blocking tight end. Many of the team's short yardage, or obvious rushing downs, Roland was in the game.

"Dennis has done well and we wanted to see what he could do and AC needed to improve," Bratkowski said Monday. "We wanted to give Dennis some snaps and give him a chance to go in and see what he can do. ... We're working around the situation that we're in trying to create different looks for the defense and give some help to our tight ends. Because J.P. and Dan are doing a decent job. We're just going to rotate and do some different things so it's not always dependent on them."

Chad Ochocinco actually surveyed fans in the end zones before the game to see where he could leap. "Green Bay fans turned Ochocinco down time several times before he noticed a small smattering of Bengals fans sitting in the corner. Of course, that group told Ochocinco he should jump into their section if he scored and Ochocinco agreed."

Marvin Lewis said what all NFL coaches say after a win: "We know we can do a lot better."

I don't think it would be much of a stretch to say that special teams contributed just as importantly as did the offense and defense on Sunday.

The touchdown that Carson Palmer threw to Chad Ochocinco, was the first time the two connected for a score in 21 months.

After his five-sack performance, Antwan Odom says: "This is not a dream." Odom is on pace for 56 quarterback sacks. That would be a good season.

The last time Odom had five sacks in a game? He was a junior at Alma Bryant High School in Alabama.

Dave at Stripe Hype, who goes by another name on this site which is also the title of a Todd Snider song, compares all linebackers taken in the NFL draft up to Rey Maualuga.

You find me anyone on any NFL team site that tracks people down like Geoff Hobson does, and I'll eat a cookie (it's not like I going to eat a shirt or something... that would be stupid). Hobson tracked down Eddie Edwards, who holds the franchise record for most sacks in a game and in a career. Edwards was also an answer to one of our trivia games we played during the open threads in the preseason.

Peter King nominated Antwan Odom and Cedric Benson as defensive and offensive players of the week respectively. King also wrote: "Loved how the Cincinnati offensive line made a shell around Carson Palmer".

James Walker wrote that the "Bengals take giant 'leap' forward." Last week, he wrote that the "Bengals need to get back to the fundamentals in order to win their first game of the 2009 season."

Stop the presses. Stop the Starbucks. Stop traffic. Paul Daugherty is happy. Now you can resume.

Matt Loede says that the Bengals "have a lot to be proud of" but can't let down against the Steelers next week.

WDR calls the Bengals win over the Packers second top win in Marvin Lewis' career.

While excited that they won, Zane says that the Bengals have a long way to go.

Nate says get back on the bandwagon now. I'm not so sure about that. First of all, if you jumped after one game, you might be a little jumpy for someone like me. Secondly, if you're jumping back on now after beating the Packers, wouldn't you just get hurt the next time you had to jump?