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Rodney Harrison called the Cincinnati Bengals "a clown show"

It's kind of hit or miss when a former NFL player takes a microphone and runs with it. Some are really good. Cincinnati alone has had a few good ones, notably Bob Trumpy, Dave Lapham, Boomer Esiason (if he's not playing the lonely former Bengal on CBS personality, looking all martyr) and Cris Collinsworth. All four make you smarter about what you're listening to, in their own way. Yes, even Collinsworth has a few gems, though Boomer hasn't always endeared himself to his old fan base. Then there's the other side. They talk way too much, incite a few fires, because their thinking is that if they're paid to talk, then they're free to talk about anything. Warren Sapp comes to mind. But so does Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe, Michael Irvin.

Maybe we should add Rodney Harrison to that list, who called the Cincinnati Bengals "a clown show." Harrison was on Artrell Hawkins' new show called "Two Deep Zone" on 1530 Homer. Some said that the show was mostly about Hawkins' glory days as a New England Patriots defensive back. Did anyone listen? I didn't get a chance to listen to it. My existing schedule for sports radio in Cincinnati is Lance McAlister and a side of Mo Egger. Actually, come to think of it. Aren't they the only two local sports hosts now? We are surprised to see that WDR is mum on the subject.