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Three Weeks of Heaven or Hell?

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The next three weeks will be the telltale time for the Bengals. "Gut check time" is often overused but somewhat fitting. The first chapter in this three part saga is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Overcoming the Steelers is not just a physical battle but a mental battle. I am not sure that the Bengal players believe they can win the big game. The talk of Ward hitting Rivers is ridiculous, if we have a linebacker who is afraid of a wide receiver then the Steelers are already cooking in the Bengals kitchen, even before the first snap. Where are the Ochocinco guarantees for victory? Where is the smack talking?

The Bengals need to develop a little swagger. The outcome of the Steelers game will carry over into the Browns game. Taking a big divisional victory on the road will undoubtedly spur the confidence to handle a weak Brownie team on their home turf. Quinn & company could easily be getting a knockout blow after licking their wounds from a Baltimore Ravens butt whooping this weekend. A loss this weekend by the Bengals could be that flicker of light that motivates the Brownies & plummet the Bengals into yet another year of  despair.

The final piece of the three week puzzle will take place in Baltimore in three weeks. A game that will be billed as either a "clash for league dominance" or "the must win game" to keep the Bengals competitive within the division. The divisional hierarchy will be determined by the end of week five. What position will the Bengals be in? Will they be looking up, or looking down?

The Bengals could easily be sitting on top of the AFC North Division in three weeks. But there is an equal challenge that must be met! That is the challenge that Bengal fans have to motivate their team this weekend at home against the Steelers. The Steeler fans that will be in attendance must be drowned out with the chants of "WHO DEY". This weekend is the opportunity for fans to rally to help put the Bengals on the winning trail into the following two weeks of divisional road games. Will we have three weeks of hell, or three weeks of heaven? We all deserve a slice of the latter.