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Big test of Bengals offensive line; Chad on Dancing with the Stars?; Sean Salisbury

When I'm at work, I always build a list of MP3s in Win Amp and play the list randomly. It's the first thing I do in the morning, putting the list together. And it always depends on the mood; music works like that. Today is a Metallica day. I've always been old school Metallica, but I've softened enough to dig the newer stuff. Maybe it's my age. I grew up as a metal head, but now I'll listen to anything. However, today, we're digging back into the old school of Metallica.

The Bengals offensive line will be severely tested against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. There's been reports that the Bengals will keep rotating Dennis Roland in at tight end and offensive tackle. However, most of the time he's rotated in, it's during rushing downs.

I spoke with Blitzburgh over at Behind the Steel Curtain this week about Sunday's big divisional game. I'll have his responses to my questions posted this afternoon.

Steelers linebacker James Harrison is itching to record his first sack of the season -- and doesn't plan to take it easy on the Bengals.

Is it possible that Chad Ochocinco will be on Dancing with the Stars? (Yikes)

Chick Ludwig writes that the "Bengals will win -- guaranteed".

A Bengals fan experience at Lambeau this past weekend.

Bengals beat the Steelers 17-10! WhoDeyFans also have a Q and A with a Steelers site.

Don Banks writes that Antwan Odom is one of ten players who made a surprising impact early this season.

ESPN's James Walker talks about Sunday's game, calling it The Rumble in the Jungle.

The Bengals have lost eight straight football games against the Steelers when the game is played in Cincinnati. EIGHT STRAIGHT!

Make sure you check out the SB Nation fantasy football page (not Flea Flicker). I made a brief appearance about Bengals players -- it hasn't been published yet. Still, that doesn't mean you can't click on it, right?

Steelers are looking for big contributions from linebacker Lawrence Timmons with Troy Polamalu injured.

Sean Salisbury explodes on Deadspin.

You ain't my bitch, yay!

One final note. If there's a story that you find with interest and think should be provided in these links and notes, email me.