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Pre-game Open Thread: The early games in the NFL; Saturday's action in college football; Bengals and Steelers opening thoughts

The Cincinnati Bengals have three games this year with a kickoff other than 1 PM on Sunday. And two of them are games played on the west coast (San Diego and Oakland). The first of those three games kicks off today, when the Bengals host the defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers at 4:15 PM (EST) this afternoon.

This means we have a collection of early games to watch before kickoff.

If you live in the Cincinnati area, Southwest Ohio specifically, we'll have the Cleveland Browns playing the Baltimore Ravens on CBS at M&T Bank Stadium (if you can't keep up with sponsor-named stadiums, that's in Baltimore). This game has implications in the division. If the Ravens win, they'll be the only undefeated team in the AFC North. If the Ravens lose to the Browns, the winner between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh will lead the division by way of tie-breaker. It doesn't mean much since this is only the third week on the season. However, it would mean a lot for the Bengals and all of us fans. On Fox, the Atlanta Falcons travel to New England.

Since we have to wait, we'll have a pre-game open thread, talking about the early games, Saturday's college football action as well as thoughts about a big division game in Cincinnati.