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Marvin Lewis on injuries after game: "We have the usual football soreness"

We saw several players leave the game due to injury Sunday. Leon Hall left for some time, but returned. Rey Maualuga was actually carted off. He had a sniff of Old Spice in the lockerroom and returned to the game. Because he's a man. Tank Johnson left early and didn't return. Fortunately, during Monday's press conference, Marvin Lewis said that the Bengals had "the usual football soreness".

"We’ll see how we are Wednesday. We’ve got some guys bumped and bruised. As I told you yesterday, Tank Johnson’s foot is going to be sore for a bit. Carson (Palmer) came out of the game a little bit sore. Rey Maualuga will be a little sore with the knee, and they’re going to do some further studies today. He seems to be OK. Chinedum (Ndukwe) has a little soreness in the leg. Leon (Hall) came back out, but a little sore. We have the usual football soreness. We’ll see how we are over the next 48 hours."

No word during Monday's press conference about a David Jones or Andre Smith update. Last week, Jones participated during practice on Thursday and Friday in a limited capacity and should be close. It would also seem likely that Smith won't return until after the bye week; after he recovers from injury, he'll still need time to work into the system.