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ESPN's Rick Reilly reviews Chad's newest book, Ocho Cinco: What Football and Life Have Thrown My Way

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With the help of Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole, Chad Ochocinco wrote a book. This is his second book, the first being co-written with Paul Daugherty called "Chad: I Can't be Stopped." Chad's second book will tie Terrell Owens for most books released by an active wide receiver (for you stat junkies). Though I think Rice only has two, so maybe it's an all-time Wide Receiver record. But, whatever. This book reportedly takes a quick perspective of Chad's upbringing before becoming a book-sized tweet, or 256-page blog post, disseminating most of his opinions on the NFL. Publisher's Weekly writes, "For those fans who enjoy a good mix of style and substance, Johnson provides it in abundance."

ESPN's Rick Reilly read Chad's newest book and reviewed it.

The cover of Chad Ochocinco's new book, "Ocho Cinco," has Mr. Ochocinco flipping off you, the reader, with both hands. Why would you want to buy a book where you're being flipped off while you're still in the store?

Reilly's explanations, while humorous, aren't broken down to specific areas that he liked -- or wanted acknowledged. He takes sarcasm and makes it work. For example:

1) His stirringly descriptive prose. For instance, the vivid passage in the second paragraph, in which he describes his "huge-ass house" in Florida and his seven "sweet-ass cars." In fact, Mr. Ochocinco is able to use the word "ass" 32 times in the tome.


5) His refreshing candor, so rare in the NFL. For instance ...

... his explanation of why he doesn't block: "What good is it for me to start throwing my body around with all those guys who are bigger than me?" Exactly.

... his endorsement of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. "Spygate, my ass," he says. " The Patriots are good, but there's a reason why they are winning even though everybody is over age 50. It's the f***ing coaching. It ain't no secret."

... how his own boss, Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis doesn't measure up. "(Lewis) doesn't have control of the football team the same way Belichick has control. No way."

... how he calls Lewis and other coaches at 3 a.m. to discuss game strategy, civilities be damned. "Their wives might not like it, but I don't care. They got to deal with that, not me."

... how he often misses what's being said in the huddle because he's trash-talking with the defense.

Don't expect a review from us. We don't think we're that far up in the food chain to be handed a free copy. And honestly, if we don't get a free book in the mail to review, then we'll simply close this post by saying, "child, please."