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Say It Ain't So, Chad


I don't like the looks of this one bit.  Apparently, Chad Ochocinco is canceling his Twitter account, and while some folks may approve, I most certainly do not.  While I agree that his, as well the majority of heavy Twitter users, has an air of "Look at me.  I'm an attention whore." about it, he certainly hasn't been harmful to himself (Stephon Marbury), or his team.  In fact, Ocho's Twitter stream played a big part for his return to the good graces of fans and the media, something last year's trade demands and general bitterness quickly dissolved.

Well, that and a horribly unproductive 2008 season.

Over at PFT, they speculate Ocho's Andre Smith tweets might have played a part in his decision, implying the front office didn't appreciate Chad's jumping of the signing gun.  However, if, after all that's happened with Chad's account (Skip Bayless and Mark Schlereth for starters), this is what his bosses complained about, then they are even more out of touch with modern technology than I first thought. 

A simple "don't do that again" would suffice instead of making him abandon the account.

With that in mind, I'm going to take Chad at his word:  He's a little disillusioned by the NFL's Twitter restrictions and has subsequently lost interest.  Who knows, perhaps he'll change his mind after having some time to reconsider.  If not, we the fans are the ones who miss out.  Whether you are/were a fan of Chad Twittering isn't really the point.  Like it or not, it brought the Bengals more, and in this case, improved publicity.

Considering the national perception, is that such a bad thing?