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Tweets: Quan Cosby and Tom Nelson makes the squad

The site tweets this morning that Quan Cosby sent a text which said he made the Bengals squad. Joe Reedy tweets that "With Nelson and Cosby making it, that means at least two College Free Agents have survived, which is one more than last year." No other official sites, including the Cincinnati Enquirer, have made any announcements as of this posting.

If Nelson and Cosby made the squad (no official announcement has been made public), then it's likely what seemed like a roster battle between punt returners, was simply a battle at their respective positions. While Maurice Purify is a beast of a receiver who has some quality coverage skills on special teams, Cosby simply brought more to the table, evident on his punt return for a touchdown -- and you have to wonder if it was that one play that gave Cosby a roster spot. Nelson, also a strong punt returner, may have simply pushed Corey Lynch out of the door. Lynch was somewhat disappointing coaches because he wasn't being aggressive enough.

Either way, the writers at Cincy Jungle are two for two on this, saying both players made the squad.