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Bengals Tweet: No change on 53-man roster after going through waiver wire

Minutes after posting that if the Bengals look at the waiver/free agency wire that they'll likely look at tight end and cornerback, they announce that they're cool. No one out there interests the Bengals. The Cincinnati Bengals official Twitter account, Tweets that "no changes to the 53 after bengals looked at waiver wire."

If the wording is exact, and this means only the waiver wire and not available free agents, then there's still a likelihood they look at Tight Ends and cornerbacks on free agency. The difference between the waiver wire and free agency is the seasons accrued by NFL players. If they've played four seasons, they are unrestricted free agents. Less than that, then they have to claimed on the waiver wire. Furthermore, if you put a claim on a player from another team, you have to sign him to the 53-man roster. And all reality, the Bengals may not have found anyone worth signing, without cutting one of the guys on the roster. Either that, or the Lions, Rams, Chiefs, Seahawks or Browns put a claim on a guy that the Bengals wanted.

Either way, you still have to believe the Bengals are looking through the free agency market for anyone that could help them; especially at Tight End and Cornerback.