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The Cincy Jungle Varsity fantasy football league kicks off tonight

To say this time of year is busy for NFL teams, as well as team blogs that fervently read anything that's related to the Bengals, responding and reacting to announcements and news, would be a complete understatement. Our Saturdays are now jam-packed, and Friday nights are too if you love high school football. News streams in, reactions are pouring and debate becomes waged.

However, we're not finished. We have one last thing to do before we hit that regular season routine. And that happens tonight.

The Cincy Jungle Fantasy Football season kicks off tonight as all 24 players in the Cincy Jungle Varsity league will participate in the draft that starts at 8:00 PM. If you're in this league, make sure you sign in 30 minutes early to make whatever adjustments you need to make to get into the draft room. There's 24 of us, drafting 15 players each. By the end of the night, there will be 360 players selected. So this doesn't take until Thanksgiving, each selection will have a 30 second time limit.

The second league, the Cincy Jungle Stragglers, will kickoff this Wednesday at 8 PM. Be there, or be a really bad cliche.