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It's Twitter Time

The new season is here and the fun is about to begin. It's Twitter time! Being a traditionalist in terms of how football is played, I am curious to see the impact of Twitter. What happens when injury updates are posted within minutes of a player reaching the sideline? What impact would a disgruntled receiver's comments have on a quarterback if messages are posted and read throughout the game? Could a game plan be tipped via the internet as the game plays out? Finally should the Bengals employ a "Twitter coach" in the coaches booth to monitor Twitter for possible advantages as they are reported and posted in real time Twits?

We have seen technology creep into the NFL. We have witnessed the development of instant replay with some positive outcomes. Play calling through the use of helmet radios that have greatly reduced the impact of home crowds and the noise created by rabid fans. Improved sideline and booth communication with radios, phones, and sideline faxes. Teams must be technologically savvy in todays NFL. 

Perhaps I am giving technology to much credit in today's NFL. I can't help but feel that we are going to see yet another chapter written with the increasingly popular instant messaging. Good or bad it is here and believe it or not it will impact the game on levels we do not expect. Networks bring the game into your living room via television and webcast. Twitter is going to take people to the game. A fans thirst for instant instant team information will drive this new revolution to a fever pitch of popularity and change the game.