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Bengals players plead to fans to come to the game; countdown towards the regular season is closing

Today is Tuesday. Today is five days away from the Bengals first game of the season. We're two days away from the first NFL regular season game between the Steelers and Titans. We had great football over the weekend, including the University of Cincinnati's total annihilation of Rutgers. What more can you ask for today? We're drawing closer to the season where expectations are all over the place. We're going to win. We're going to lose. Ask 10 people and you'll get 10 different expectations. Still, what more could you ask for? We're oh, so close.

Carson Palmer practiced on Monday and "ran drills with the first team." All I can say is, thank the friggin' lord.

Bengals players are now making pleas to Bengals fans to attend and sell out the Bengals season opener .

“We want to start out fast and need the fan support to get us a fast W,” Rivers said.

Said Whitworth: “You always know if the crowd is big. In the preseason a lot of times you hear teams play with a little less passion and a lot of it has to do that none of the games are sold out. The bigger the crowd, the more excitement we have to play well.”

Dave points out that Mike Brown wouldn't even do what Dan Snyder did (how's that for a tease, Dave?)

WhoDeyFans compares offensive players at respective positions to last year.

One Man Crimewave likes keeping Chris Pressley on the practice squad.

Rey Maualuga is excited about being the team's starter. “I’m so happy and excited everything fell into place. Now I have to come out and practice hard and get rewarded at the end. It doesn’t end there, I just have to keep my spot and work harder.”

Chick Ludwig says that Maualuga earned the job.

Marvin Lewis:

“I’m excited about this team. I’m excited about the work, and their commitment to winning, which is this team has some really strong leaders. We have really subtracted any of the not-so-positive influence that we’ve had here. I think it’s been a good step."

Chris Henry:

“I’m trying to be at my best every day,” Henry said during a recent phone interview. “I’m working towards the Denver game so I can go out there and help this team get our first victory. The team is counting on me and I want to contribute the way I know how. I’m looking to make an impact this season and believe teams will have their hands full when facing our receiving corps.”