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Around the NFL: Possible NFL milestones in 2009

One of the neat things we witness each year is that in the NFL, star players, who dominated the league, eventually pass the torch to the younger generation of players, creating dynasties, records, consecutive streaks, etc... However, we're also witnessing a period in which older players also holding onto their torch just a while longer; most of whom are still in great playing shape. When that happens, records begin to be threatened, milestones achieved. This year, there's several. The following is a list of milestones that can be reached this year in the NFL.

  • Vikings quarterback Brett Favre will start his 270th consecutive game at Cleveland Browns Stadium on Kickoff Weekend. It's believed that he'll tie the all-time record of 270 consecutive games started, set by former Browns and Vikings defensive end, Jim Marshall. However, records of when players started didn't become an official stat until 1961. Browns records indicate that in the final 11 games of 1960, Marshall did not start (however he did play in 12 games).
  • Terrell Owens needs 11 touchdowns receiving and Randy Moss needs 15 touchdowns receiving to join Jerry Rice as the only players with 150 touchdowns or more receiving.
  • If Tony Gonzalez records 84 receptions, he'll be the first Tight End in NFL history with 1,000 receptions.
  • The Green Bay Packers only need seven wins this year to become only the second team with 650 regular-season wins. The other team is the Chicago Bears. The Bengals are still 378 regular-wins away from that milestone.
  • With another 4,000-yard passing season, Peyton Manning will be the first NFL quarterback to record ten 4,000-yard passing seasons. With 10 touchdown passes, he'll also move into third place all-time.
  • If LaDainian Tomlinson records 10 touchdowns, he will extend his NFL-record of consecutive 10-touchdown seasons to start a career to nine.