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Practice Report: Broncos @ Bengals (Thursday)

UPDATE: Chris Henry did not participate during Thursday's practice. All that's being reported is that Henry's injury has something to do with his thigh. Also, we updated the Bronco's injury/practice report from Wednesday.

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening, we'll update the practice/injury chart leading up to Sunday's game. The chart is pretty self-explanatory. If the player is listed as out, they're out for the game. If they did not participate, they didn't practice. If they were limited, then they only participated during a portion of practice (typically means missing 11-on-11 drills). If the player is listed as full participation, it simply means that they practiced fully and that the only reason they're listed is because injury was an issue the week before. Since the Broncos are two hours behind us normal folk (kidding, only kidding), their practice report wasn't published when the report went out.


CB David Jones (foot) OUT OUT  
T Andre Smith (foot) OUT OUT  
G Scott Kooistra (knee) LP LP  
S Roy Williams (thigh) LP FP  
QB Carson Palmer (ankle) FP FP  
WR Chris Henry (thigh) -- DNP  
S Josh Barrett (shoulder) DNP    
DT Le Kevin Smith (knee) DNP    
WR Jabar Gaffney (finger) LP    
G Chris Kuper (ankle) LP    
RB Knowshon Moreno (knee) LP    
QB Kyle Orton (right finger) LP    
QB Chris Simms (ankle) LP    

DNP - Did Not Practice
LP - Limited Participation in Practice
FP - Full Participation in Practice