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Confirmed: Mike Zimmer stays with the Bengals, signs three-year deal

NFL Network's Steve Wyche tweets Tuesday afternoon that the Cincinnati Bengals re-signed Mike Zimmer to remain as the team's defensive coordinator. No word on the length of the contract or the money involved at this point. On Monday, Lewis said that he was very confident" that the Bengals would bring Zimmer back. It's not that we didn't believe him, but anytime you have money bags like Daniel Snyder involved, all bets are off. Still, who would have expected that the reported signing would happen the next day. 

If this remains true -- we tend to wait for confirmation for stuff like this before going all giddy even though we've gone completely giddy anyway -- then the reconstruction project for the Cincinnati Bengals continues.

Wyche updated his tweet by tweeting (so many tweets) that the deal is a three-year deal. Wyche has since posted on's blog, writing that Zimmer's reason for staying:

...Zimmer’s relationship with coach Marvin Lewis, his affinity for several of his players and ownership’s commitment were factors in his decision to stay with the Bengals.

UPDATE: Confirmed. confirmed the story at 1:40 PM.

Mike Zimmer confirmed Tuesday in a text message he is returning to the Bengals as defensive coordinator.