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Bengals sign offensive line coach Paul Alexander to a three-year deal

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After completing a season in franchise mode in Madden 10, there's a task you have to complete before moving on. After winning the Super Bowl (who hasn't done that?), you have to fill out your coaching ranks, upgrade your stadium, hire a scouting department, etc.. It. Is. So. Real. Am I right? With the season in the books (back to real life here), the Bengals are filling out their coaching ranks.

After signing Mike Zimmer to a three-year deal, the Cincinnati Bengals signed Paul Alexander to a three-year deal, writes the Reedy-less Reedy blog.

Alexander has been Bengals coaching staff since 1994. Like Mike Zimmer, there were reports that Washington Redskins were interested in Alexander.

One could, and perhaps should, argue that Alexander deserves as much credit as Zimmer for the production of their respective units. Whereas Zimmer's defense was already improving at the end of last season, the team's offensive line was, for a lack of better words, in shambles. They let Eric Ghiaciuc, Levi Jones and Stacy Andrews leave, replacing them with virtual no-names (to anyone who doesn't follow the Bengals regularly) like Kyle Cook, Nate Livings, Evan Mathis and Dennis Roland. Cedric Benson and the Bengals rushing offense thrived.

Along with being the team's offensive line coach, Alexander has been the team's assistant head coach since Lewis joined the squad in 2003.