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Bengals Banter: Mardy Gilyard will love to play for the Cincinnati Bengals

Convince me, as a Bengals fan that watched Cincinnati lose in the first week of the playoffs, that the Jets making the AFC Championship game is a positive from our perspective. Is it that the Bengals lost to a team that played in the final AFC Championship game? I won't belittle anyone for the argument. It still feels hollow to me. The Bengals lost to a team that played great at the right time? True, and the Bengals were in the middle of a snide, having lost four of their final five games of the season, including back-to-back losses to the Jets by a combined 47 points. We weren't ready. We didn't have the tools to score points in a league where scoring points is good, mmmkay?

That's not to say we shouldn't give New York credit; they've played their best football with a proven chemistry of power running and power defense. Eventually the Jets lost to the Indianapolis Colts, who hasn't lost a game in which Peyton Manning played throughout the game this season. Even if the Bengals made the AFC Championship game, Manning would have picked apart the defense like he's done to every team.

Still, that hollow feeling remains. Who cares what happens with the Jets, we wanted the opportunity. Then, when we failed to take advantage of the chance, we sit in the purgatory of a long offseason.

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