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No word on Ken Zampese as Hue Jackson enters the Bears OC search

Almost two weeks ago, Bengals quarterback coach Ken Zampese interviewed with the Chicago Bears for the vacant offensive coordinator position. Since then, no reports, rumors, words or awful Prince songs have surfaced regarding the level of interest from the Bears and as far as we know right now, Zampese is firmly seated at the table that reads "Bengals quarterback coach".

So we wait.

However, also in the "former Bengals coaches that could possibly replace Bob Bratkowski eventually (for the love of god)" file, former Bengals wide receiver coach Hue Jackson is interviewing for the same job in Chicago. The issue here isn't so much caring about where Jackson goes; it's to get an idea if the Bengals will be with Zampese this season and if he goes, who do they go after to replace Zampese.

Still, we had this hankering to update the Ken Zampese file since it went completely dark . Normally, I'd say that the Bears weren't interested if they let Zampese leave Chicago without a contract. However, the Bears have approached their coaching hires very methodically and very slowly.