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UPDATE: Ken Zampese reportedly staying in Cincinnati

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Just as we updated the Ken Zampese file without actually saying that there's an update, Marvin Lewis addressed the media Monday afternoon from Mobile, Alabama -- the site of the Senior Bowl. Aside from the departing assistant offensive line coach Bob Surace, whose off to become Princeton's head coach, the Bengals are not anticipating any more coaching changes. That includes Ken Zampese.

Zampese was the first person to interview for the opening two weeks ago, but Lewis gave Bears coach and friend Lovie Smith a week for both Zampese and Smith to make a decision.

“For us, that time has come and gone as far as the deadline,” Lewis told The Tribune. “That’s kind of closed up, and I don’t think Lovie (Smith) has made a decision on what he wants to do yet.”

Ken Zampese has interviewed for several offensive coordinator positions the past couple of seasons with the Chicago Bears being the most recent.