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Bengals Banter: Mike Zimmer is checking out defensive backs; wants to improve depth across the board

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On Tuesday, my life took a turn for the worse. It's a good turn though; like sliding off the road and hitting an embankment filled with chocolate covered trees, little blue-haired munchkins and twins. But that doesn't change the fact that I slide off the road into an embankment. The issue. Sleep depravation. The cause. Mass Effect 2. The solution. Deal with it. Ah, life is good going to work on two hours of sleep, only after saving alien chicks from their demise.

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Mike Zimmer is taking note of the team's opponents in 2010 and wants to improve the team's depth across the board. Zim spent most of Tuesday's practice with the North team at the Senior Bowl looking at defensive backs.

“My theory is with the schedule we play, if we don’t improve in our depth at almost every position, we’re going to have a hard time competing,” Zimmer said. “We play all the first-place teams in the AFC. Every team in our division is going to be better. We can’t be the same and have the same record. We have to get a lot better.’’

The Bengals have drafted 14 Pac-10 players in the past 11 drafts -- including four from USC.

Chad Ochocinco arrived in Florida Tuesday night for the Pro Bowl in his black Freightliner truck.

Who Dey Fans points out that the Bengals will be playing both Super Bowl participants next season.

The NFL wants to add their Red Zone channel to cell phone users next season.

You know the Bengals rushing offense had a good rushing offense when one of the four things that Joe Reedy lists as "What went wrong" is "drops at the wrong time on screen passes to Jeremi Johnson."