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Report: Bengals "seriously discussing" drafting two wide receivers

Let's quickly forecast this team's crop of wide receivers under contract for 2010, shall we? Laveranues Coles is an aging receiving that hardly produced compared to the generous deal that Cincinnati handed him. Andre Caldwell disappeared in the final nine games of the season, recording no more than 35 yards receiving in any game and only one touchdown. There's Jerome Simpson who has done nothing to repay the Bengals risk by taking him in the second round. About the only thing you can count on is Chad Ochocinco. After that, the Bengals have no one to step up and contribute to a struggling passing offense.

Geoff Hobson writes that the Bengals could go with as many as two wide receivers in this year's draft.

With Simpson and Caldwell not giving them near the production that is warranted by their second- and third-round selections, (the Bengals) are seriously discussing taking two receivers in this draft. 

Consider that they used three of their ten draft picks in 2008, the third being Mario Urrutia. It makes you wonder if the team has given up on Simpson, become disappointed in Caldwell so much that the Bengals feel the need to go after a new batch of receivers.

Either way, Palmer needs weapons.