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Second Half Open Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (10-5) 0 - New York Jets (8-6) 27

Drop, drop, drop, punt? At least Chad Johnson can run past Darrelle Revis before he drops the ball.

Anyway, there are a lot of starters resting tonight. Among the notables are Cedric Benson, Domata Peko, Chris Crocker, and Robert Geathers. The Bengals were notably weak tonight against the Jets rushing offense and defense. I think these are related statements, but I can't be sure until next week. In other injury news, Pat Sims was out of the game with an injured forearm that was getting X-Ray scans done in the second quarter, and Tom Nelson got hurt too.

Regardless, the game was extremely sloppy up front and in the hands of the receivers. There were at least 4 drops (that I saw) in the first half, backups got blown off the line by the Jets O-Line, and there were even a fair spattering of penalties. The Jets played the first half like they needed to win to get into the playoffs. The Bengals played the first half like they kind of wanted to play the Jets in the playoffs.

The stats that we typically see the Bengals control in games (time of possession 24:50 to 5:10, rushing yards 191 to 7) have heavily favored the Jets. I just have a hard time believing the Bengals really wanted to win this game, not that I think they threw the game, but starters simply weren't playing and defensive playcalling seemed extremely vanilla. I'm pretty excited to see these guys again next week.

Use this thread to discuss the second half and laugh at the trolls. Don't lose faith, I guarantee you that we won't have a repeat performance next weekend.