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Open Thread: Playoffs - #5 New York Jets (9-7) @ #4 Cincinnati Bengals (10-6), 1/9, 4:30 PM on NBC

I don't know what the final score was today. It quickly became clear to me, and some other lucid fans of football and the Cincinnati Bengals, that the men wearing orange had no major plans to knock the Jets out of the playoffs. One hypothesis suggests that the Bengals wanted to figure out if they could throw it over the Jets' heads. 1/11 for 0 says no, but a few drops kind of torpedoed Carson's day. Of significance today was mostly that Pat Sims is unfortunately done for the season with a broken forearm. Chad Ochocinco suffered a knee injury in pre-game that was aggravated while he inexplicably played during regulation.

Also, by the way, Thomas Jones rushed a lot for not very many yards per carry. That's cause for optimism.

The Bengals play the Jets next Saturday at 4:30 in Cincinnati. The game will be on NBC.

Other games next week are Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots at 8:00 on Saturday. If the Bengals and Patriots win next week, the Bengals will play Indianapolis in Indy and New England will travel to San Diego.

First round games in the NFC feature the Green Bay Packers @ Arizona at 4:30 on Fox, and Philly at Dallas at 8:00 on NBC.

That makes 3 rematches next week, the Bengals and Jets included. Both NFC games are rematches of Week 17 games.

Feel free to speculate about next week in this thread. I, personally, recommend you don't project this week onto next. Maybe that's just me.