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C Trent: Palmer would like to not be booed for once at Paul Brown Stadium

I've always had an issue when professional athletes take exception when the crowd boos their home team at, well, home. It's not a big issue. Just an issue. Basically, here's my belief. Give us no reason to boo and you won't be booed. Clear and simple. Go three and out ten times in a game, then expect to be booed. And mostly, the context of said booing isn't so much the team; it's a specific portion of the team being booed, if not the individual (uh hum, Bob).

What's up with all of this? C Trent tweets:

Carson Palmer said he'd like to not hear boos "for once" at PBS: "boos do not help us win football games."

One has to wonder how the subject was approached. The essence of when said fan can boo, is a sticky subject. Regardless, from Palmer's perspective, Bengals fans simply boo all of the time. And that's disturbing. Is it a fan's right? Are the fans booing when it's appropriate? Are they just going through a cycle of premeditated booing from an unchecked Cylon beacon that clicks on after hearing All Along the Watchtower?

So the next time that Palmer goes 1 for 11 for no yards and an interception, don't boo. And yes, we still love Carson as men can love another man.