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Mike Zimmer's future depends on the Bengals organization

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Late last year (how odd does that sound?), less than a month ago actually, it was rumored that the Washington Redskins had targeted Mike Zimmer to make a lateral move as their defensive coordinator. Yes, this is about the time you're supposed to go, "holy crap" we have to sign him to a long-term (like, forever) contract right now like we did in two editions of our Six-Pack of Hu-Dey.

However, other than an unsubstantiated report that's yet to be confirmed via Pro Football Talk (hence, rumor), the issue has largely remained quiet. And thankfully so while the Bengals make a playoff push. It does this team no good to put the team's defensive coordinator in the situation to clarify those reports; even if those reports make you think that it very realistically could happen.

After practice on Tuesday, Mike Zimmer spoke with the media and the report was brought up.

"That's up to Cincinnati," Zimmer said. "It's really not up to me. They can approach me any time they want. If they don't want to, I'll move on. That's the way life is."

Zimmer did deny that he had spoken to anyone with the Redskins organization, including Mike Shanahan, who is the team's new head coach.

Earlier this year, Zimmer admitted that the Bengals had talked to him about a contract extension (aka, "hey, Zim, want to stick around?"). Zimmer said “nothing came to fruition … . We’ll see.”