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Ochocinco Sexes His Knee Up

That's video of Chad Ochocinco proposing to the cheerleader from a few seasons ago. Considering the topic of this post, I think it's fitting.  In order to test the health of his recently-MRId left knee, Ocho used a method of testing most men would approve of:  

He had sex... And talked to the press about it.


When asked about his knee -- the report appears in the New York Post, surprisingly enough -- Eight Five indicated the moves he used mid-coitus gives him confidence his knee is good shape.  Joking or not, one thing's for sure:  Considering who Ochocinco will be going up against on Saturday, super-stud/cornerback supreme Darrelle Revis, he'll need his knees to be as healthy as possible.

A gimpy knee = doom against a player like Revis.  

In other news, I'm left wondering if Marvin Lewis suggested Ocho's method of treatment.  Now that would be a conversation I would love to see on HBO's Hard Knocks.

It would shame the financial advice discussion we we're privy to.