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Bengals are healthy heading into the playoffs

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If you need proof that Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko will play, then take note (and solace) that Peko did practice on Wednesday and participated fully -- as did wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. Tank Johnson missed practice on Tuesday and was limited on Wednesday. All things considered, the Bengals are as healthy now as they're going to get. All players practiced in some form on Wednesday.

Peko said.

"This is the best I've felt since training camp," said Peko, who has missed the past five weeks with a bad knee. "I feel fresh. Everyone's out there looking at me and saying, 'Man, look at Peko! Fresh legs, fresh legs.' "

"It'll be good to have some fresh bodies out there this week," said Peko, adding that "I give it up to the Jets for the game they played Sunday night, but Saturday's going to be a whole new deal ... They won round one, but round two's coming up."