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Fiance will not be charged in Chris Henry's death

Even though the Bengals are heading into the playoffs this weekend, there's still a missing part of this team's heart that can't be filled. Less than a month ago, the once troubling wide receiver, had died due to injuries after falling out from the bed of a pickup truck during a domestic dispute with his fiance.

His fiance Loleini Tonga is now talking about the night of the accident to ESPN.

“He jumped from the back of the car,” Tonga told reporter John Barr on Monday. “I know I wasn’t going fast at all. Because I was trying to drive slow because I knew he was in the back, standing up.”

“I have no idea what was going on in his mind, but as far as him wanting to end his life – no,” Tonga said. “He had too much going for him. I know he wouldn’t want to be gone, away from his kids.”

The official cause of death was listed as blunt-force trauma. Tonga claimed that there was no place to stop on the road and kept driving, although "she said she wasn't driving fast in the 35-mph zone." Whether he jumped or fell at this point is meaningless in that he's gone. Legally however, Tonga will not be charged for Henry's death.