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Bengals Banter: Does any quarterback need to win more than Carson Palmer does?

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James Walker correctly points out that no quarterback in the playoffs needs to win more than Carson Palmer.

Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer has the gaudy career statistics. He also has two Pro Bowls and a $100 million contract.

But outside of Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, no quarterback this weekend needs a playoff win to enhance his reputation more than Cincinnati's former No. 1 overall pick.

Pete Prisco writes the same thing:

Player on the spot: Palmer. He has to play big in the playoffs. This is a passing league, and he will need to show he's one of the top guys.

Gil Brandt looks at matchups this weekend | Vic Carruci

Joe Reedy is confident that the field at Paul Brown Stadium is in good shape.

After Thursday’s practice in preparation for Saturday’s AFC Wild Card game against the Jets, the tarp was put over the field at Paul Brown Stadium. And with the field being heated, conditions should be ideal.

However, the temperatures during the game will be, at best, in the low 20s.

Jason Cole writes:

In fact, if it’s at all possible, the Bengals should get to keep playing ad infinitum. Anything to keep defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer working each week, delaying the inevitable moment when there are no more tapes to break down, no more game plans to draw up and no more practices at which to go into profanity-laced tirades that leave his players chuckling under their breath.

Anything to keep him from one of those down moments, such as during a plane ride to a road game, when his thoughts drifted to his late wife, Vikki.

Joe Gibbs relates to Marvin Lewis.

The Bengals are going to be ready for the Rex Ryan wrinkles.

Who Dey Fans takes some Bengals fans to task.

The Bengals were 4-11 and 1 last season.  Are now 10 and 6, AFC North Champions and in the playoffs for the second time in 19 years. If I would have asked you at the end of last season if that would make you happy, everyone of you would have said yes. All season you have been complaining and waiting for the other shoe to drop.  It never did.  You blast the Bengals front office, coaches and players all the while claiming to be bigger fans than those that actually attend the games.  You hide behind a cry for change all the while secretly hoping the Bengals falter so you can say you were right.  You claim to root for the Bengals all the while trying to create sustained success.

Chick Ludwig has a little Brian Leonard love.

Chinedum Ndukwe and Chris Crocker are looking forward to their first playoff experience.

Joe Reedy lists his top ten moments of 2009.