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TMZ: Adam Jones Was Combative And Belligerent During Arrest

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Soon after the Bengals' three-point loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, cornerback Adam Jones was put in handcuffs and detained momentarily after he was reportedly forced onto the sidewalk just outside of Great American Ball Park to avoid a collision with another car.

According to TMZ, after officers ran a "routine check on Jones", the dispatcher "indicated there was 'some type of open warrant.'" During his "arrest" Jones was reportedly combative and belligerent.

Cops say it was noisy when they were speaking to the dispatcher and "did not hear the dispatcher correct herself and state that the outstanding warrant was for another person."

Cops say they released Jones two blocks away from the scene to "avoid onlookers and embarrassment." Cops have since issued an apology to Jones

As much as Jones wants to repair his life and his image, it's not difficult to understand why Jones was become so angry with a case of mistaken identity. On the other hand, being "combative and belligerent" isn't really helpful towards that cause either.