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NFL Poll: Prilosec Victory Of The Week

This post is sponsored by Prilosec.

With the Bengals losing to Tampa Bay, giving the Buccaneers their first 3-1 start since 2008, Cincinnati was nominated on the wrong side (again) for this week's Prilosec Victory of the Week. I didn't vote last week for Cleveland, and I won't this week for Tampa Bay. Sorry. I tend to be a bit antagonist against things that make me unhappy. And both of those teams beating our team made me unhappy.

In all, six teams were nominated this week for the Prilosec Victory of the Week. The Raiders beating the Chargers should be considered a big win, considering it's, well, the Raiders -- even though I picked them as the surprise division champions in 2010 with the Washington Post. Yikes. The Cardinals beating the Saints is another, considering Arizona didn't even score a rushing or passing touchdown in the game.

Who is your pick for the Prilosec Victory of the Week?