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Even Though the Offense Struggles, TO is on Pace to Break Records

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Even though the long arm of the Bengals reached out and crotch punched me really hard on Sunday... and last Sunday (I'm getting worried about my future ability to have children), I'm still trying to stay as positive as I can. I've never been a pessimist and I've always prided myself on being able to see the good through the bad. That's what this post is, the good through the bad. Trust me, I know the Bengals lost on Sunday to the Buccaneers. I'm just trying to talk about something that won't make me rip my hair out.

Here's the good. Right now Terrell Owens has 31 receptions for 476 yards and two touchdowns. That puts him on pace for 1,523 yards and six touchdowns. If he keeps this pace up, the 1,523 yards would be a Bengals single season record. Obviously, at least for TO, the whole Batman and Robin thing is working. All that needs to happen now (other than a lot of things) is for the Bengals to help Robin tighten that utility belt and get to work.

So, what does this mean for TO's incentives?

Well Jason, that's a good question - and to answer that question, if TO keeps up the pace, he would reach four of the six incentives that were written into his contract when he was signed.

His tier one incentives are:

  • have 60 catches - he's already half way there after five games and there's only three times in his 15 year career
  • 900 receiving yards - again, he's already half way there
  • 10 touchdowns

His tier two incentives are:

  • 100 catches - right now he's on pace to have 99
  • 1,300 receiving yards - on pace for over 1,500
  • 14 touchdowns - that really seems like a lot of touchdowns for a wide receiver but TO has done it five times in his career

So there's some much deserved and needed good news for Bengals fans. I know I needed it.