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Hearing The Boos: Carson Palmer Says It Comes With The Territory

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When it was announced during the game that Carson Palmer surpassed 20,000 yards passing in his career, it was somewhat surprising. It's not like he was playing in Pittsburgh, where anything Bengals related would get booed, or in Baltimore where anything Bengals related would have Ray Lewis suddenly foaming at the mouth because he likes foaming at the mouth.

What's surprising is that it happened at Paul Brown Stadium; a place where fans are so angry with the team right now that no positive happens without it's instant discourse.

When asked if he hears the booing at Paul Brown Stadium, he says:

“Yeah, I do. I’ve been in this situation before. That’s really par for the course when you play quarterback. You’re expected to win games and when you don’t you take the brunt of it. When you do you take a little more credit than you deserve. That just comes with the territory. I’ve been a QB for a long time and definitely been in this situation before like all QBs that have been playing the position a long time. You just have to keep believing in yourself and not worry about what anyone is thinking or saying and go about your business and put your best team in the position to win week in and week out.”

Did Palmer do a Michael Vick and flip off fans when jogging off the field to the chorus of boos after a 31-13 loss in 2006? No.

Did Palmer do a Jay Culter, who (PFT's version of maybe) flipped off Bears fans at Soldier Field? No. Did Palmer do a Bud Adams and use both fingers to flip off the Buffalo Bills fans? No.

Palmer did what Palmer has always done. Accept responsibility, even finds understanding on why the fans might boo him or the offense. That's the definition of class right there boys.