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Filed under: Fantasy Football Commissioner League: Domination Early By Undefeated firstPick

Back in the day, long after walking to and from school in the snow without shoes, conducting a fantasy football was actually a lot of work. Aside from doing the research, we didn't have the luxury of computers to do all statistical calculations for us. We'd calculate the totals ourselves, "happily" learning Excel spreadsheet formulas, and then putting together all of the related stats to please a competitive testosterone-filled community, showing evidence of their sheer domination.

Personally, I stink at fantasy football. My last time playoff appearance, I'm pretty sure, was back in the day when Cincinnati first made the playoffs during the Marvin Lewis era, and that's only because I drafted the God of the Golden Arms, Carson Palmer (at least that's what we called him at the time). Since then, I'm like the Cleveland Browns of Fantasy Football. Except this year, the Browns are more likely to win their second game than I am.

We setup a Fantasy Football Commissioner League at Cincy Jungle with 14 members, staff writers and moderators. After giving the staff first shot at a spot, I reached out individually to readers that were the most frequent commenters. Through five games this year, my stupid team sits at 1-4, having one of the league's worst points scored in the league. That's what I get for actually believing that Joe Flacco will have a breakout performance this year, not against the Bengals -- I started Sam Bradford over Flacco against the Bengals. What the hell was I thinking?

Aside from WHYUS!!, who I think forgot he was in this fantasy football league even though he has Drew "freaking" Brees, everyone has scored a win. firstPick is the only the player with an undefeated record with three other teams sporting a 4-1 record and seven teams with winning records.

User W L GB
firstPick 5 0 -
Jason Garrison 4 1 1
Jay McDonnell 3 2 2
Craig Conrad 3 2 2
SGK 2 3 3
80%OFTHETIME... 1 4 4
WHYUS!! 0 5 5
User W L GB
TarZander 4 1 0
Jake Liscow 4 1 0
jim0ijk 3 2 1
C1ncy4Life 2 3 2
Carsonorbust 2 3 2
Josh Kirkendall 1 4 3
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