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Roy Williams Still Nursing Knee Injury: Bengals Safety Misses Practice On Monday

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The Bengals conducted their final practice last Wednesday before breaking for the weekend during this year's bye week -- shouldn't a bye week be later in the season, roughly around midway through the season? During that practice, Jonathan Fanene, who hasn't played since injuring his hamstring against the New England Patriots and Jordan Shipley returned to practice.

With Fanene being out, you're missing one of the team's best pass rushers. With Shipley out, you're missing one of the team's better first down artists.

Both practiced on Monday as the team gets back into routine this week, preparing for the Atlanta Falcons.

On the other hand, Bengals safety Roy Williams, nursing a knee injury, didn't practice and Bengals cornerbacks Johnathan Joseph worked an exercise bike on the side. Williams missed the game against Tampa Bay after hurting his knee against the Cleveland Browns by what was described as "some kind of MCL injury in his knee." Williams hasn't played more than four games in any season since 2007.

But hey, Tom Nelson is eligible to come off of PUP. So there's that.