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NFL Poll: Prilosec Victory Of The Week

This post is sponsored by Prilosec.

This week's Prilosec Victory of the Week doesn't feature the Cincinnati Bengals, (Marvin Lewis voice) which is a good thing. The fact we were drinking mojitos, on vacation during a bye week doesn't mean much; it's all about small victories in life. However, one nomination that sticks out to me is the Patriots overtime win over the Ravens.

While it's not a big upset victory, the type of Prilosec Victory's we've seen featured in recent weeks, it's a big win for the Cincinnati Bengals. Baltimore's loss to the Patriots mirrors Cincinnati's end result against New England, meaning that the common opponent tie-breaker is now tied between the rivals (Ravens beat Cleveland). With Cincinnati obviously having the ultimate tie-breaker in head-to-head meetings, the two teams will end the season in Baltimore which could feature a game with serious Wild Card implications, assuming Pittsburgh plays out the rest of the season as strong as they've started it. So winning more games against common opponents will benefit Cincinnati greatly. Although one could simply just say just win all of your damn games and you have nothing to worry about.

The Ravens are just a few nominations in a group of impressive wins, like the Vikings much-needed win over similarly desperate Dallas. Miami's overtime field goal over the Green Bay Packers, the Eagles impressive win over the Falcons with Kevin Kolb making us envy because they have two good quarterbacks. What about St. Louis' win over the San Diego Chargers?

So who earned your Prilosec Victory of the Week?