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NFL Trade Deadline: Like Most Teams, Bengals Will Likely Sit Idle

In baseball there's debates, lists of players, followed by venting sessions for lonely teams holding onto playoff hopes by the string of Homer Simpson's hair. Sometimes teams, fans and the media believe that in baseball, you just need that one player to get over that .500 hump, initiating an epic-level winning streak. Not only increasing your playoff chances, you literally become the most awesome thing ever to exist with a winning streak that would impress Esther Vergeer, who simply dominates the wheelchair tennis world, currently on a 394-match winning streak. The Rangers' Cliff Lee could be a good example.

The trading deadline is rampant with speculation in baseball. It makes for good drama. But unlike baseball, the trading deadline in football comes and goes without much notice. Case in point? I'll bet many of you didn't know that the NFL's trading deadline is today at 4 p.m. Most reports indicate that Cincinnati won't be in the trading market this year because there's actually been no reports with the words Bengals and trade being used in the same sentence.

What about trading Peerman to Green Bay for a seventh? Or Tom Nelson to Houston for a stripper named Candy? We could speculate all day, but the likelihood Cincinnati would trade anyone of even minor importance at this point in the season, where there's hope for a turn-around, much like their transition from 2008 to 2009, seems rather small, as Candy mocked us all.

Alright, you're the general manager. Which player would you trade for with another team and secondly, which player on the Bengals roster would you trade?