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Geno Atkins Throws Down A Twitter Fist At Sean Witherspoon

After being drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the fourth round, Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins wondered why. It's not that he didn't want to be drafted by Cincinnati, rather the Bengals didn't work out him nor did they interview him, which is sort of what teams tend to do if they plan on drafting a player and paying them. Not that the Bengals are traditionalists, or anything. When the preseason rolled around, the rookie defensive tackle threw down the gauntlet, recording at least one sack during the team's first four games, eventually leading the NFL with 4.5 quarterback sacks.

Aside from the occasional quarterback hit (three through the first two regular season games) and half a sack against the Baltimore Ravens, Atkins, like most of the defensive front against the Browns and Buccaneers, disappeared.

That hasn't stopped him from talking some trash against Falcons linebacker, Sean Weatherspoon, who's likely to be out this Sunday.

God I love Twitter. But I hate corny titles on blog posts.