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Veterans of Cincinnati: A Chris Perry Sighting

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Former Bengals running back Chris Perry was once thought of highly in Cincinnati. No, it's true. Aside from the constant hammering against the front office for not selecting Steven Jackson when they had the chance, Perry spent most of his rookie season injured. Not a good start, which would bookend with a terrible finish. In 2005, however, Perry was as good as any third down back in the NFL, recording 51 receptions, just a few catches away from a franchise record for running backs.

Injuries resumed their constant toll afterwards, only playing in 19 of a possible 32 games with seven starts. Eventually Perry's body and ability degraded so much that his best performances actually meant that he averaged more than three yards rushing per carry, which he did twice in games that he carried the football ten times or more. Perry would never have a 100-yard rushing game in his short career.

Perry was finally given his shot in 2009, when the Bengals choose to release Rudi Johnson. However, Perry only started the team's first six games on the season, with the Bengals going 0-6 in the process before finally giving a character issue guy, that no one else wanted, a chance. Cedric Benson started the Bengals' final ten games and the Bengals went 4-5-1. The Bengals released Perry after an uninspired 2008 season, which many could argue was the result of a terrible offensive line; though Benson did have three 100-yard rushing games that year.

Perry was drafted by the UFL's Florida Tuskers in 2009 and then signed with the Sacramento Mountain Lions in 2010.

What else is Chris up to these days?

Former Cincinnati Bengals running back Chris Perry recently signed up as a Neways North America distributor. “I’m a winner,” says Chris Perry. “And I can recognize a winner, and Neways is definitely a winner.”

Perry found out about Neways through his sponsor and uncle, Mardy Eger. “I’ve always been proud of Chris,” says Eger. “When he sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him. I know his Neways business is going to explode, because Chris is a natural leader.”