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Sports Illustrated Survey: Terrell Owens Is Most Overrated Player

Sports Illustrated surveyed 239 players in the NFL, asking who is the most overrated player in the NFL, supposedly in some trivial effort to generate, well, news maybe? We're not exactly sure. Debates? Self-appointed sports discussions? Who knows. Either way, they asked who the most overrated player in the NFL is.

Number two is Tony Romo, who has gone to three Pro Bowls in four years as the Cowboys starting quarterback with 55 starts and a 38-17 record. Along with two 4,000 thousand-yard passing seasons and a 36-touchdown season in 2007, Romo's career passer rating sits at 95.4, which has never dipped below 90 in any season he's started. Obviously this overrated list is something to behold, with players surely not having fun or picking out people that they simply may not like.

The rest of the top five rounds out with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Number one? The Bengals' own Terrell Owens.

So far this season, Owens is simply the best player on this team's passing offense. He's the only receiver with two 100-yard performances, including a 10-reception, 222-yard game against the Cleveland Browns earlier this year. Owens is on pace to become the first Bengals receiver in franchise history to top 1,500 in a season. Owens also leads the team in virtually every receiving category, such as receptions (31), yards (476), 20-yard receptions (7), 40-yard receptions (2), receptions converted into first downs (22) and his two touchdowns is tied by rookie Jermaine Gresham for the team lead. Along with that production, Owens, as he'll tell you himself, is virtually playing for free on a $2 million deal.