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Bengals Television Coverage Against The Atlanta Falcons

Bengals fans everywhere want to see how the team rebounds after a 2-3 start, with back-to-back losses to the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They need a big win, with a quick start. For the love of god, score more than 30 points for once. And unless you have The NFL Ticket, or live inside participating team's areas, most likely you're going to miss out.

As it stands, the Cincinnati region, the Ohio/Indiana border into Michigan, most of central Kentucky, the Atlanta area and bits of South Carolina will see the Bengals come off their bye week against the Falcons. And for some reason, there's a small patch in Texas, around Abilene and San Angelo that will see the game. It's weird. Like God blew his nose and his snot landed in the middle of Texas and declared, "thou shall watch Bengals and Falcons."

Gus Johnson -- yes, that Gus Johnson -- will call the game with Steve Tasker. Here's the coverage.


Finally, as Cincinnatians, we'll have two late games with New England (again) at San Diego on CBS and Arizona at Seattle on Fox (gross!)