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Open Thread: Roddy White And The Falcons Beat The Bengals Defense 39-32

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The roller coaster ride from the first half, to the third quarter back to the fourth quarter tends to take a toll on people with weak heart's. After Cincinnati bombed the first half in such a way that a 24-3 deficit felt like a 100-3, the Bengals offense exploded, with some help from Leon Hall's interception and Adam Jones' 59-yard fumble return for a touchdown. Cincinnati's 22 points gave the Bengals a 25-24 lead in the third quarter before the Atlanta Falcons outscored the Bengals 14-0 in the fourth quarter, giving Atlanta the win.

Even when Atlanta took the game back, the Bengals again lacked execution. Terrell Owens couldn't keep his right foot in bounds on a reception that he had clearly beaten his man that could have led to a touchdown. Cedric Benson lost a fumble that led to Atlanta's eventual game-winning touchdown.

Carson Palmer recorded his best game of the year, recording 412 yards passing and three touchdowns, completing 36 of 50 passes. Jordan Shipley finished with a career high 131 yards receiving on six receptions and an exciting 64-yard touchdown reception in which he wasn't touched until reaching the end zone. Chad Ochocinco exploded for 10 receptions for 108 yards and a franchise setting touchdown.

In the end, the Bengals lost by a combination of Roddy White making one-handed receptions, falling down, for 201 yards on 11 receptions and two touchdowns and the team's overall defense, which allowed 452 yards.

Both the Bengals and Falcons combined for 921 yards.