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NFL Poll: Prilosec Victory Of The Week

This post is sponsored by Prilosec.

Cincinnati's loss against the Atlanta Falcons, while frustrating and heartbreaking, could also be considered an entertaining game. Sort of like a Rocky match, get beat up a little in the beginning, fight back towards the end and then lose at the very end. Well, the first Rocky. Though it would be totally cool if the Bengals signed Dolph Lundgren, but really, do we need an Ex-Special Forces and Chemical Engineering expert for a head coach? I mean, we don't need a guy that could beat you with his fists of hardcore iron, nor a guy that could totally wipe you out with a beaker and bunsen burner.

Still, it was a fun game for the outside observer.

That's why Cincinnati's seven-point loss, where both team causally knocked off 921 yards of total offense, was nominated for this week's Prilosec Victory of the Week. Other nominations include the Browns shocking win over the Saints, the Packers exciting win over the Vikings and the Raiders dismantling of the Broncos.