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Done For The Season: Bengals Place Adam Jones On Injured Reserve

When defending Michael Jenkins on the right side of the field near the goalline during Atlanta's two-point conversion in the fourth quarter, you could see in the top right hand corner of the television that Jones and Jenkins collided with Jones collapsing on the field, as if he was knocked out. Jones sat on the field for several minutes before coming off under his own power, not returning to the game.

Now Jones won't be returning at all this year.

According to the team, Jones was placed on Injured Reserve after suffering a herniated disk in his neck against the Falcons. Along with forcing a fumble and returning the football 59 yards for a touchdown that took the lead over the Atlanta Falcons, Jones also recorded an interception earlier in the season against the Baltimore Ravens.

With Jones down for the season, that leaves Morgan Trent as the team's nickel corner, maybe even giving Brandon Ghee some time on the field.