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A Mix Of Tight Ends In 2009: Bengals Release Daniel Coats; Re-Sign J.P. Foschi

I had thought about adding this with the Adam Jones going on IR post, just because it didn't make sense to add another post about something this minor. Then I got to thinking. The news is epic, not minor. Long time coming, anticipating with tons of happy giddy feelings which should end with bonfires, beer and The Greatest Hits of Lynyrd Skynyrd (aka, every song they've ever done).

On Tuesday, the Bengals waived tight end Daniel Coats. What. On Tuesday, the Bengals waived tight end Daniel Coats. Huh. On Tuesday, the Bengals waived tight end Daniel Coats. Say that again. Slim Shady.

Coats has long benefited from other factors that's enabled him to keep his job with the Bengals. In 2009, Reggie Kelly and Ben Utecht went down for the year, giving Coats the job while Chase Coffman struggled and J.P. Foschi had yet to sign. Even though no NFL player dropped a higher percentage of passes, Coats remained with the team, though he had his role largely reduced as the season continued on.

Heading into 2010, Coats was battling for a roster spot, again, with Jermaine Gresham and Reggie Kelly at tight end. Luckily for Coats, the Bengals totally flabbergasted the whole "need a fullback" proposition, giving Coats a spot on the roster because they needed fullback help. Coats leaves Cincinnati without a reception this season.

After releasing Coats, the Bengals brought former Bengals tight end J.P. Foschi back, who recorded 27 receptions for 260 yards receiving and two touchdowns in 15 games with the Bengals which included 10 starts.