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Six NFL Players Have More Quarterback Sacks Than Entire Bengals Defense

Through six games this year, the Cincinnati Bengals defense has only recorded six quarterback sacks -- that's only one less sack than Antwan Odom's performance against the Green Bay Packers last year, recording five sacks (albeit against lesser talent). There was also a two-game stretch against Baltimore and Pittsburgh that the Bengals defense recorded eight quarterback sacks. Both were wins, in case you forgot the whole undefeated division thing from last year.

Of the six quarterback sacks this year by the Bengals defense, three came against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What's even more distressing, if not absolutely horrifying, is that only two of the defense's six quarterback sacks have come from defensive linemen; Frostee Rucker 1, Michael Johnson 0.5, Gene Atkins 0.5. The team's leading quarterback sacker? A safety in Chris Crocker.

If you really want to put the Bengals pass rush into perspective.

  • Six NFL players have recorded more sacks than the entire Bengals defense; Clay Matthews (8.5), Osi Umenyiora (8.0), DeMarcus Ware (8.0), Brian Orakpo (7.0), Shaun Phillips (7.0), James Hall (6.5).
  • Eleven NFL players have as many or more sacks than the entire Bengals defense; players listed above, John Abraham (6.0), Jason Babin (6.0), Dave Ball (6.0), Trent Cole (6.0), Cameron Wake (6.0).
  • There are 54 NFL players that have more quarterback sacks than the entire Bengals defensive line combined.

Any questions?